Pro Registration

Pro Registration

Dear Athletes, 

The IFBB Pro League has developed a brand new method of contract signing and contest registration. Moving forward, you will not need to email to request a contract be sent to you. All contests will be listed in the new “Upcoming Contests” tab of your IFBB Pro Member Profile, within the Pro League membership system. Once you’ve selected a contest you would like to compete in, click “Register” and select your Division on the registration form. After digitally signing your Athlete Competition Contract & Liability Release, your application is forwarded to the office for review. 

If/when your application is approved, you will receive a registration confirmation email from Muscleware. If you require a copy of your signed contract, it can be found in the “My Contracts” tab of your Member Profile. 

Please note that going forward all contracts will have a firm deadline date of the Monday of the week of the contest at 3pm EST and after that date no contracts will be available. You will not be able to register for a show after this time.